HM Handy Pastry Line

HM Production Line
V4 Line Series

Stress Free® Pastry and Bread Production Line

The new Rheon HM Handy Pastry Line produces a wide variety of high quality products such as puff pastry, danish, croissants, doughnuts and shortbread easily on a single compact line. Equipped with the new Multi-Stretcher, it reduces the use of flour to up to 1/3 of convetional systems.

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Uniformity of rolled-in fat layers is the key to produce high quality Danish pastry and puff pastry. Due to the Stress Free® system, Rheon’s HM Line can produce laminated products with uniform and beautiful fat layers.

All removable parts of the new HM Line can be disassembled with a one-touch setting. This allows an easier cleaning of flour, dough chips and other materials for a sanitary and safe production environment.


Production data can be stored in the Production Memory Unit, allowing to run a production under the same condition as before. This facilitates an easy changeover of the forming options.

Very quiet operation

Huge variety of production options

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Food Samples for
Rheon HM Handy Pastry Line

Almond Bread
Blueberry Bread
Curry Bun
Filled Brioche
Filled Sweet Buns
Melon Bun
Milk Bread
Mixed Rye Bread
Raisin Bread
Rye Bread
Sourdough Baguette
Twist onion bread
Vegetable Bread
Walnut Bread
Whole Weath Bread