Rheon USA

Our subsidiary companies serving the Americas.

The West Coast

Rheon USA Headquarters Office

Rheon U.S.A. research laboratory is located in Irvine, California equipped with the most advanced modern food processing facilities, conducting sales of Rheon’s automated food processing machinery and providing customer services all across North, Central and South America.


Rheon U.S.A. Headquarters

2 Doppler
Irvine, California 92618


Phone: +1 949-768-1900
Fax: +1 949-855-1991
E-Mail: us.info@rheon.com

Rheon El Toro Model Plant

Orange Bakery East Irvine plant in East Irvine is producing frozen croissant and puff pastry with the HM line and high value cookies with the Multi-Co-Extruder.


Orange Bakery, Inc. / East Irvine Facility
9490 Toledo Way, Irvine
California 92618


Phone: +1 949-581-4390

Rheon Irvine Model Plant

Orange Bakery is the model plant equipped with Rheon’s latest machines. There are 4 plants in the U.S.A. Their products are distributed to supermarkets, restaurants and so on. Orange Bakery 1st plant in Irvine, California is producing frozen puff pastry and pie sheets with the MM line.


Orange Bakery, Inc.
17751 Cowan Avenue, Irvine
California 92614


Phone: +1 949-863-1377
Fax: +1 949-863-1932

Rheon Parker Model Plant

Rheon Parker Model Plant is located on a spacious 10.137 square meter site in Irvine, California. The plant demonstrates the Stress Free® VM System and creates various high quality bread products.


Orange Bakery, Inc. / Parker Plant
75 Parker, Irvine
California 92618


Phone: +1 949-454-1247
Fax: +1 949-454-1287

The East Coast

Rheon USA New Jersey Branch

Rheon U.S.A. New Jersey Branch has been established in Teterboro, New Jersey in June 2007 to serve throughout the entire U.S.A.. The office has started operation as the base office in eastern U.S.A.


Rheon U.S.A. NJ Branch
700 Huyler St.
Teterboro, New Jersey 07608


Phone: +1 201-487-0600
Fax: +1 201-487-0610
E-Mail: us.east@rheon.com

Rheon Charlotte R&D Center

Rheon Charlotte R&D Center introduces a pre-proof concept involving dough fermenting and freezing, uniquely developed by Rheon, to the U.S. market. Production technology and product know-how are also provided. Computerized plant management information, from received order management to product quality management, is also available to customers.


Orange Bakery, Inc. / Charlotte Plant
13400 Reese Blvd. West, Huntersville
New Carolina 28078


Phone: +1 704-875-3003
Fax: +1 704-875-3006