Encrusting Machines

Advanced technology for encrusting of bread, confectionary and savory foods.

Rheon Food Encrusting allows the imaginative combination of various flavors by a single machine – since 1963. Well-matched tastes are encrusted to create an endless variety of products: Breads, pastry, confectionary and savory foods.

Cornucopia Series

Multi Line Series

Rheon Customer Consulting

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From dough sheet to bread

V4 Stress Free Dividers

Stress Free® dough sheet formers with weighing, cut and feedback systems – our “from dough sheet to bread” system makes bread production stress free.

Industrial efficiency - handmade quality

V4 Line Series

Handmade quality in industrial production: The Rheon lines offer efficient production of high quality breads.

Endless possibilities

Optional Devices

Complementary equipment for dough sheet processing units and lines.