Model VX-122

V4 Series
V4 Stress Free Dividers

V4-Stress Free® Divder with Cross Roller

Rheon’s VX-122 is a dough dividing machine for the production of high quality bread. The patented Stress Free® technology performs without applying any mechanical force to the dough. The VX-122 also employs our innovative Gravimetric Method® for weight-based portioning.

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The VX-122 with Cross Roller broadens and improves the efficiency of bread production, featuring cross sheeting of the dough.

Due to the Stress Free® technology, the VX-122 not even damages high-quality type breads without chemical additives.

The VX-122 dough divider even handles well-fermented gassy dough and divides it into pieces at the desried weight.

Adjustable dough width

Adjustable dough thickness

Dimensions European Model


Output Capacity800 kg/h
Output Dough Width (V4 mechanical width)200 mm
Output Dough Thickness (before Cross Roller)20-35 mm
Hopper Capacity80 L
Belt Speed60~240 m/h

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Food Samples for
Rheon Model VX-122

Twist onion bread
Walnut Bread