Punch Rounder

V4 Series
V4 Stress Free Dividers

Combination of Twin Divider and Punch Rounder

Punch Rounder produces hand-made quality bread like a Meister.




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Bypass Specification

The dough seam is always on the bottom

Adjustable rounding for desired cell structure

Dough surface tension is adjustable



The Punch Rounder can be connected to various models. We can offer lines that meet your need based on your production capacity and process.

Dimensions European Model


TypePR101 Type APR101 Type BPR 102 Type B
Length1960 mm2046 mm2170 mm
Width830 mm830 mm1251 mm
Hight1477 mm1477 mm1579 mm
Weight250 kg250 kg500 kg
Electric Capacity1.13 kW1.13 kW2.11 kW
Air 0.5 Mpa, 50L/min0.5 Mpa, 50L/min0.5 Mpa, 100L/min
Product weight Range30-400g150-900 g150-900 g
Product Capacity(Max)2000 pcs/h (2500pcs/h max) 1500 pcs/h (1800pcs/h max) 3000 pcs/h (3600pcs/h max)

The numbers within the parentheses represents the maximum production capacity. Please contact us for testing.

Machine capacity changes depending on dough conditions and the number of times the machine rounds the dough.

The capacity of Punch Rounder /Bypass specification is the same as PR101 Type B, except for the size.

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Food Samples for
Rheon Punch Rounder

Twist onion bread
Walnut Bread