Model VX-222 Twin Divider

V4 Series
V4 Stress Free Dividers

The VX-222 accurately portion the dough sheet at a desired weight or length. The double-lane layout, together with Rheon’s Gravimetric Method® cutting system, allows a wider portioning range from larger products with 1-lane to smaller products with 2-lane cutting.

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The VX-222 at work.

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Dough width adjustment made easy by just switching the V-Rollers


Select from 1 or 2 rows without switching blades

Side covers open from both sides – easy access, easy cleaning and maintenance

Simply interchangeable between single and  twin row production without changing blades

User-friendly Operation by Movable Operation Panel

Production Capacity: 1000 kg/h (When the”V-Roller”with ist set 145mm*option)


Production Capacity800 kg/h
(1000 kg/h Max. ※2)
Length2560 mm
Width950 mm
Heigth1850 mm
Weight900 kg
Electrical Capacity0.932 kW
Air0.5 MPa, 70 L/Min.
Hopper Capacity55L
V Roller Width
Standard: 130 mm / Optional: 115 mm, 145 mm
Dough Outlet Width130 mm - 150 mm65 mm - 75 mm
Dough Outlet Height10 mm - 30 mm10 mm - 30 mm
Dividing Range150 - 1200 g75 - 600 g
Output Speed (Max)30 Stk/Min.60 Stk./Min (30 Stk./Min x 2)

The production specs may vary depending on the dough condition and characteristics.
※1 V-Roller Width set at W130 mm
※2 V-Roller Width set at W145 mm

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Food Samples for
Rheon Model VX-222 Twin Divider

Almond Bread
Blueberry Bread
Milk Bread
Mixed Rye Bread
Raisin Bread
Rye Bread
Sourdough Baguette
Twist onion bread
Vegetable Bread
Walnut Bread
Whole grain bread
Whole Weath Bread