Paper Cup Feeder

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Optional Device for Encrusting Machines

The Paper Cup Feeder by Rheon can continuously supply cups onto the transfer conveyor, synchronizing with the production speed of the Cornucopia® Encrusting Machine. There is no need to dust flour onto the belt, because the sticky products are directly placed into a cup.

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The Paper Cup Feeder at work.

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Food Samples for
Rheon Paper Cup Feeder

Almond Horn Cookie
Cereal Cookie Bar
Chinese Steamed Bun
Chocolate Cream Mini Cake
Chocolate Mochi
Chocolate Tart
Christmas Cookie
Cookie Bar
Cornish Pastry
Crystal Dumpling
Filled Churros
Flower Cookie
Flower Marzipan
Ghanache Ball
Half Moon Pie
Ice Box Cookie
Marguerite Cookie
Meat Bun
Meet with Olive
Mini Stollen
Mochi Cream
Moon Cake
Mosaic Cookie
Open Top Apple Cake
Open Top Pizza
Open Top Tart
Sausage Roll
Scotch Egg
Twist Cookie
Two Colors filling Bun
White Chocolate Cookie