Rheon Newsletter March 2023

▷ Exhibition information


INTERNORGA 10th – 14th March 2023 in Hamburg, Germany

Hall B6 Booth: 209 Machine: Encrusting machine KN551



14th – 16th March 2023 in Rennes, France

Booth: 6-B8 Machine: Encrusting machine KN050



04th – 10th May 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Hall: 3  Booth: F12

one of Rheon Europe’s biggest presentation in a whole season

Machine: Encrusting machine KN050/Twin Divider VX222/ Cup Rounder SR002


Live Demonstrations!

Rheon is looking forward to welcoming you! 

▷ Product information

 Made by KN551 + Flour Duster + Forming conveyor

▷ Notice Customer Service – Overhaul (Encruster) Section

Overhaul ( Encruster ) Section

▷ Bank holiday information – office close at:

07th April 2023 (Fr)

10th April 2023 (Mo)

1st   May  2023 (Mo)

18th May  2023 (Th)

29th May  2023 (Mo)


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