Customer Service Notification (Spare Parts/Maintenance/Technical) – Divider VX111, VX021, KN400

Divider VX111, VX021, KN400

Dear customer,

we would like to inform you that the spare parts supply regarding of the above machines

becomes more and more difficult. Most of the electronic spare parts are no longer in

production. We have offer modifications which, if at all, will have a longer delivery time.

The necessary software also has to be rewritten.

In the event of malfunctions or failure of the machines, you have to allow for longer


The inspection and maintenance service continues. To ensure the constant production

take budget planning into account.


If you would like to take the opportunity to consider purchasing a new Rheon machine, our sales team will be happy to tell you about our advanced technology applications.

Should you have more questions, we are on your disposal under phone: +49 (0) 211 471950 or E-mail: or


With best regards

Andreas Schaller

Assistant Director Customer Service Department