Customer Service Notification (Spare Parts) – Divider VX212 Serial no 1 ~ 269, 0X123 Serial no. 1 ~ 16

Divider VX212 Serial no 1 ~ 269, 0X123 Serial no. 1 ~ 16

Operation Panel-Type GOT1000 Mitsubishi ->>> GOT 2000 Version


Dear Customer,

our supplier Mitsubishi has changed the product range due to technical developments. For this reason, we are informing you today about this change. Since the new control panels are not compatible with the current ones, the program has to be rewritten. As this takes some time and in order to prevent a possible loss of production, we ask you to send us the program number which is noted on the ROM on the back of the control panel. Then we will send you a corresponding offer the “new” control panel.

The control panels of the Divider VX212 serial no. 1 ~ 269, 0X123 Serial No. 1 ~ 16 are no longer produced.


For emergencies we currently have control panels that we can lend you to bridge the gap.


With best regards

Peter Schaefer

Maintenance Service Manager



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