No. 01/2017 24 h Emergency Telephone Hotline

March 2017: 24 h Emergency Telephone Hotline

Dear Rheon Customer,

In order to continue our high standard of service, a change of the 24hr emergency telephone hotline is necessary. This service is still available to all Rheon customers.

However, differentiation is made between customers and maintenance contract customers. For maintenance contract customers, this service is still available free of charge.

For customers who do not use a maintenance contract, this service is subject to a charge. The billing takes place in minutes and costs between € 3,00 and € 4,50 / min.

Please use the enclosed sticker and place it in a position where it will be ‘on-hand’ when contacting us. The information on this sticker makes it easier for you and us to solve problems faster. In the case of a fault please tell us the customer number, as well as model and serial number. If this is a costly call, you will be informed of this at the beginning of the call. Until then the call remains free of charge.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


With best regards,


Andreas Schaller
Assistant Director Customer Service Department

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