No. 03/2015 Divider VX111/ VX121 PLC Controller discontinued

January 2015: Divider VX111, VX121, PLC CONTROLLER

Dear Customer,

Our co-operator Mitsubishi has modified its product series due to innovation in technical systems. This letter is to inform you about this important point.

As the new PLC Controller have no compatibility with the former ones, all programs have to be completely renewed. This will take some time, as you can imagine. In order to avoid a production stop on your Rheon machine, we would like to ask you kindly to inform us about the Program-number mentioned on the ROM of your PLC Controller.

Knowing this information we will be able to submit a quotation for the “new” PLC Controller.

Not longer available from now on: PLC Controller for VX111, VX121.

In case you have a machine breakdown, we are in the position to offer you some rental PLC Controller, while stocks last. If we may be of any further service, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

With best regards,

Peter Schaefer
Manager Maintenance Service Department

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