No. 01/2015 Divider VX121/ VX122 Dough Centering Device discontinued

January 2015: Divider VX121 Seriennr. 1 ~ 180, VX122 Serienno. 1 ~ 50, DOUGH CENTERING DEVICE

Dear Customer,

our suppliers, the range is changed due to the technical development. For this reason, we will inform you today about this change. Since the new sensors are not compatible with the current, the programs must be rewritten. As this takes some time and to prevent a possible loss of production, we ask you to give us the program number which is printed on the ROM of the PLC to send. We will then send you an appropriate offer about the “new” Dough Centering Sensor.

This affects the machine series VX121 serial number 1 ~ 180 and VX122 serial number 1 ~ 50th.

With best regards,

Peter Schaefer
Manager Maintenance Service Department

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