Customer Service Notification (Maintenance) – Preventive maintenance/Rheon maintenance contrancts

In the long run, machines and systems can only provide top performance if they are regularly serviced and state-of-the-art to be brought.

With the conclusion of a preventive maintenance contract, Rheon offers a

service assurance, while increasing production security at the same time

the Rheon maintenance contracts serve to optimize performance and

increase in availability and guarantee of operational safety.

The scope of services consists of the performance optimization of existing systems and includes the following activities.

  • Check-up service at the agreed intervals
  • Checking of the machine and adjustments
  • Production OptimizationMore benefit:
  • 15% discount on any repair or modification
  • 10% discount on all spare parts
  • Cancelable every year within the specified periods
  •  24 h hotlineCancelable every year within the specified periods

With reliability, predictability, continuity and transparency, we create the basis for a long-term trusting and cooperative partnership.

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