Rheon Newsletter June 2022

▷ Exhibition


Rheon introduced new Divider VX222 machine at Puratos Exhibition on 10th &11th May 2022. Thank you very much for your visit!

We successfully exhibited at the IFFA in Frankfurt from 14th to 19th May 2022. We appreciate numerous inquiries for Mega Former and WN.

Upcoming exhibitions Rheon will be exhibiting:

● RHEON Inhouse Messe 22th and 23th June 
                    Registration       Program

● RHEON Inhouse Messe 17th and 18th August (scheduled)

● Südback in Stuttgart, Germany 22.10-25.10.2022


Views of Puratos Exhibition

▷ Personnel change

We would like to inform you our new personnel.

President: Takeharu Shinga (from 01.04.2022)
Sales manager: Hideaki Oshima (from 01.06.2022)


▷ Rheon Homepage in seven languages

Our homepage has now more languages for you!


Notice Customer Service (Maintenance)

Preventive maintenance
Rheon maintenance contracts


▷ Bank holiday information – office close at:

06.06.2022 (Mo)
16.06.2022 (Th)



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