Rheon VM-Series

V4 Stress Free Dividers

VM-Stress Free® Bread Production Line


The VM-System is a completly modular bread production system. From dough dividing to molding, all production steps can be fully automated.

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More Features:


Compact and high performance


Easy cleaning of bodyparts


Simple product changeover


Fully-automated production options (Seeding and panning devices)

VM System forming process (dough flow)
1. Supplying
2. Feeding
3. Seperating
4. Dividing by weight
5a. Forming – Molding Shape
5b. Forming – Square Shape
No overhead proofer necessary

Since the VM-Series system requires no overhead proofer, the needed space for the machinery is reduced significantly. This makes the production process more sanitary and reduces the possibility of objects contaminating the dough.

Flexibility of material and method

The Stress Free® system is versatile enough to handle any type of dough, from very rich to lean textures. Processes such as sponge methods, straight methods and long time fermentation can be realized without difficulty.


Dimensions European Model

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V4-VM 250250 kg / h
V4-VM 500500 kg / h
V4-VM 10001000 kg / h