Rheon VR 2500

V4 Stress Free Dividers

Newly developed line that divides and molds the bread dough into a perfectly round shape.


VR2500 line is consists of Single Dough Divider and Punch Rounder.
The Single Dough Divider divides the many type of bread dough sheet into a square without using of dusting flour.
You can produce max.2500 pcs/ h with higher weight accuracy.
The Punch Rounder can round the dough peace with weight from 80g to 400g perfectly.

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The VR 2500 at work.

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More Features:


Wide range of product weight. (80g- 400g)


Adjustable tightness of rounding.


From hard to soft dough.


High weight accuracy.

Product Examples

The KN-171 can produce food products within a weight range between 10 to 90 g. Moreover the fully adjustable encrusting ratio from 1:0 to 0:1 allows for an individual rate of dough thickness and filling volume. The length of the end product is variable, as well.

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