Rheon V4 Universal Baguette Line

V4 Line Series

Stress Free® Baguette and Bread Variety Production Line


The V4 Universal Baguette Line takes advantage of Rheon’s patented technology. With a combination of the Stress Free® System and the Gravimetric Method®, it successfully achieves accurate weight portioning without giving any damage to the baguette dough.

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The V4 Baguette Line at work.

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More Features:


High-performance baguette production


Optional Dough Feed Conveyor for continious dough supply

Forms various shapes with only one line

The V4 Universal Baguette Line lets you choose from four different baguette forming methods, that can all be realized with one line only. Even flat bread and square bread can be formed easily.

Standard Baguette Method
Side Winder Method
Diagnal Cut Method
A l’ Ancienne Forming Method
No chemical additives required

Due to Rheon’s patented Stress Free® system, that allows dough sheet processing without the application of mechanical stress, absolutely no artificial agents are necessary to produce natural, hand made quality baguette products.



Production Capacity (max)1500 kg/h
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