Rheon V4 SR-6 Line

V4 Line Series

Stress Free® Bread Production Line


With the SR-6, Rheon introduces a complete production line for handmade quality bread products. The SR- 6 Line produces square bread, round bread buns and bread rolls, including all unites from a V4-Stress Free® Dough Feeder, a 6-Row Cup Rounder to a Proofer with Forming and Panning System.

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The V4 SR-6 Line at work.

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More Features:


Handles young (green) and well-fermented dough


Allows high water absorption


High flexibility

“From Dough Sheet to Bread”-System

The V4-Stress Free® SR-Line realizes Rheon’s integrated autamatic system for the industrial production of tasty and natural breads. The different units of the SR-6 Line accomplish all production steps at high capacity and precise quality.

Cutting and Separating
Dividing by Weight
Changing Rows / Lining Up
Rounding By Cup System
Rheon innovations combined

The V4 SR-6 Line features all important innovations by Rheon for the dividing, portioning and forming of bread dough, such as the patented Stress Free® system, that applies zero mecanical force to the dough or the Gravimetric Method® for a highly accurate weighing and cutting of the dough sheets.



Production Capacity6400~9000 pcs./h
Weight Range60~100 g/pcs.
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