Rheon Model VX-222 Twin Divider

V4 Stress Free Dividers

The VX-222 accurately portion the dough sheet at a desired weight or length. The double-lane layout, together with Rheon’s Gravimetric Method® cutting system, allows a wider portioning range from larger products with 1-lane to smaller products with 2-lane cutting.

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The VX-222 at work.

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More Features:


Simply interchangeable between single and  twin row production without changing blades


User-friendly Operation by Movable Operation Panel


Production Capacity: 1000 kg/h (When the”V-Roller”with ist set 145mm*option)

Changeable Roller Width and Adjustable Thickness

Dough width adjustment made easy by just switching the V-Rollers

V-Roller Width:115mm



V-Roller Width:145mm
Accurate Weighing and Cutting System

Select from 1 or 2 rows without switching blades

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Side covers open from both sides – easy access, easy cleaning and maintenance




Production Capacity800 kg/h
(1000 kg/h Max. ※2)
Length2560 mm
Width950 mm
Heigth1850 mm
Weight900 kg
Electrical Capacity0.932 kW
Air0.5 MPa, 70 ℓ/min
Hopper Capacity55ℓ
V Roller Width
Standard: 130 mm / Optional: 115 mm, 145 mm
Dough Outlet Width130 mm - 150 mm65 mm - 75 mm
Dough Outlet Height10 mm - 30 mm10 mm - 30 mm
Dividing Range150 - 1200 g75 - 600 g
Output Speed (Max)30 pcs/min60 pcs/min (30 pcs/min x 2)

The production specs may vary depending on the dough condition and characteristics.

※1 V-Roller Width set at W130 mm

※2 V-Roller Width set at W145 mm

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