Rheon Model VX-122

V4 Stress Free Dividers

V4-Stress Free® Divder with Cross Roller


Rheon’s VX-122 is a dough dividing machine for the production of high quality bread. The patented Stress Free® technology performs without applying any mechanical force to the dough. The VX-122 also employs our innovative Gravimetric Method® for weight-based portioning.

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The VX-122 at work 

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More Features:


Adjustable dough width


Adjustable dough thickness

Cross Roller forming process (dough flow)

The VX-122 with Cross Roller broadens and improves the efficency of bread production, featuring cross sheeting of the dough.

Dough Feeding
Cross Sheeting
Cutting in flow direction
Trimming off edges
Dividing by weight
Dough procession without damage

Due to the Stress Free® technology, the VX-122 not even damages high-quality type breads without chemical additives.

Handling of fermented dough

The VX-122 dough divider even handles well-fermented gassy dough and divides it into pieces at the desried weight.


Dimensions European Model

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Output Capacity 800 kg/h
Output Dough Width (V4 mechanical width)200 mm
Output Dough Thickness (before Cross Roller)20-35 mm
Hopper Capacity80 L
Belt Speed60~240 m/h