Rheon Cup Rounder

V4 Stress Free Dividers

V4-Stress Free® Dough Ball Cup Rounder


As part of an Stress Free® system divider-rounder line, the Cup Rounder portions the dough by weight without causing damage and rounds it automatically.

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More Features:


Sheet cutting into 2 rows (Used with “Twin Divider”)


Lining up with 2 rows: SR2


Lining up with 6 rows: SR6

Two-step rounding with cup system

The Cup Rounder actually uses special plastic cups to shape the dough. With a two-step system, the rounding result meets even the highest requirements.

Forming Process
Adjustable product size

By exchanging the rounding cups of Rheon’s dough ball forming machine, the product size can be adjusted to the desired proportion.



Product Weight Range50~120 g