Rheon Multi Co-Extruder

Multi Line Series Encrusting Machine

Multiple Co-Extruding and Molding Machine


Rheon Multi Co-Extruder is an encrusting machine, which can be used for mass production mainly of confectionery products such as soft filling cookies, mosaic cookies, etc. There are 3 types of standard models to fit with the oven band width (800, 1000 and 1.200 mm).

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The Multi Co-Extruder at work.

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More Features:


Multi Co-Extruder is easily movable


Compound Nozzle unit is easily detachable


Tandem use of two models allows higher capacity


Available in several sizes (Models UX-108, UX-110, UX-112)

Optional High Speed Encruster

Rheon Multi Co-Extruder encrusts various products smoothly by using the optional “Rheon High Speed Encruster”. Even if the inner material is soft such as jam or cream, it can be encrusted completely.

High Speed Encruster
Stable production based on highly accurate computer weight control

Product volume, encrusting ratio for an individual rate of dough thickness and filling volume and product length can be changed as desired. Accurate weighing by a computer-controlled manages a stable production.

Weight adjustment
Ratio adjustment
Lenght adjustment
Application of products with optional devices

The Multi Co-Extruder can automatically manage attractive shaping with a combination of various secondary forming devices.

Spherical forming with “High Speed Encruster”
“Wire Cutter Unit”
Shaping with “Fruit Bar Unit”
“Cookie Slicer”
Bar shape forming with “High Speed Encruster”
Forming with “Twist Nozzle”


Dimensions European Model

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Applicable band oven width800 mm
Extruding capacity1500 kg/h
Number of extrusion nozzles6 rows9 rows
Output43.200 pcs./h64.800 pcs./h
Applicable band oven width1000 mm
Extruding capacity2000 kg/h
Number of extrusion nozzles8 rows12 rows
Output57.600 pcs./h84.400 pcs./h
Applicable band oven width1200 mm
Extruding capacity2500 kg/h
Number of extrusion nozzles10 rows14 rows
Output72.000 pcs./h100.800 pcs./h