Rheon Model WN-055 Double Lane

Cornucopia Series Encrusting Machine

2-Row Encrusting Machine


With WN-055 Double Lane, Rheon introduces an encrusting machine to Cornucopia® Series, that combines the capacity of two machines into one space saving unit. Due to its design, WN-055 offers double capacity, simultaneous encrusting and double productivity.

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The WN-055 at work.

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More Features:


High production rates up to 12,000 pcs./hour


Space saving design


Wide variety of products


High quality products


Hygienic with washable capability

Flexible product weight, filling/dough ratio and length

The Rheon WN-055 can produce food products within a weight range between 20 to 120 g. Moreover the fully adjustable encrusting ratio from 1:0 to 0:1 allows for an individual rate of dough thickness and filling volume. The length of the end product is variable, as well.

Weight Range (20~120 g)
Ratio Range (1:0~0:1)
Length Range (0~500 mm)
Adapted “Easy to see – easy to use” colour touch panel

WN-055’s control panel is equipped with a full colour display and touch panel, making all important operation data easily accessible. Furthermore, the built-in Product Memory Unit (P.M.U.) stores and recalls the production parameters.


Dimensions European Model

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Outputmax. 12000 pcs./h
Product Weight Range20~120 g
Belt Speed0~2220 m/h
Product Length Rangemax. 500 mm (Intermittent Encrusting)
Extruding Capacity (IN)max. 360 kg/h
Extruding Capacity (OUT)max. 360 kg/h