Rheon Model KN-551

Cornucopia Series Encrusting Machine

Compact High-Performance Encrusting Machine


The KN-551 Cornucopia can be used to produce a huge variety of foods: From confectionary to prepared savory and fermented dough products, there are virtually no limits for the creation of delicious tastes.

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The KN-551 at work.

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More Features:


Higher weight accuracy


Less left over filling


Easier mounting and dismounting


Easier cleaning of parts

Flexible weight, filling/dough ratio and length

Product weight, filling-to-dough ratio and length of shaped bar can be easily changed. In addition, a uniform production is achieved with high portioning accuracy.

Weight Range (10~300 g)
Ratio Range (1:0~0:1)
Length Range (0~500 mm)
Faster production

The maximum capacity for small products is 100 pieces per minute. The new KN-550 has production speeds of up to 1.5 times faster than the former model.

Various forming capacities

Cornucopia KN-551 allows for a huge variety of product forms: Small, medium and large spherical encrusting is just as possible as short, medium, large and long bar shaped encrusting. Moreover, continuous cylindrical extrusion can be realized.

Spherical Encrusting small
Spherical Encrusting medium
Spherical Encrusting large
Bar Shape Encrusting short
Bar Shape Encrusting medium
Bar Shape Encrusting large
Bar Shape Encrusting long
Continuously Cylindrical Extrusion
More uniform shape

Since you can direct the detailed setting of the shutter from the control panel, you can adjust the machine during production. This ensures more uniform shapes, especially for sticky materials.

Color touch panel

The “easy-to-see and easy-to-use” multi colour touch panel lets you control data of up to 100 stored foods for automatic reproduction.


Dimensions European Model

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Product Weight Range10~300 g
Output600~6000 pcs./h
Belt Speed78~1320 m/h
Product Length Range0~500 mm (intermittent Encrusting)
Extruding Capacity (total)400 kg/h