Rheon Model KN-001 Petit Robot

Cornucopia Series Encrusting Machine

Versatile Table Top Encrusting Machine


Rheon introduces a whole new type of encrusting machine: The Petit Robot KN-001 is the first table top encruster. Its ultra-compact size and a very simple operation allow a convenient non-industrial use for live food production in a store or bakery.

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Demo Video

The KN-001 Petit Robot at work.

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More Features:


Simple operation


Compact, handy and convenient


Can be placed on existing work tables


Built-in Product Memory Unit (P.M.U.)

Flexible product weight and filling/dough ratio

Rheon’s Petit Robot KN-001 can produce food products within a weight range between 20 to 120 g. Moreover the fully adjustable encrusting ratio allows for an individual rate of dough thickness and filling volume.

Weight Range (10~300 g)
Ratio Range (1:0~0:1)
Easily exchangeable material cylinders

KN-001 Cornucopia® works with two different materials: the inner filling and the outer casing. These are filled into two cylinders with a capacity of 2.5 liters. For flexibility in production, the compact cylinders can be exchanged easily. Due to their compact size, they can be stored in regular refrigerators and are easy to clean.



Output600~1200 pcs./h
Product Weight Range20~120 g
Electrical Capacity0.36 kW
Cylinder Capacity2.5L
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