Rheon Compact Panner

Optional Devices

Optional Device for Encrusting Machines


Rheon’s new Compact Panner features a built-in underneath conveyor which indexes trays and receives foods produced by Rheon single-headed encrusting machines, lining them up evenly. The complete pick-up system has been automated in order to keep the product’s shape intact.

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The Compact Panner at work.

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More Features:


Affordable add-on device


Easy operation and maintenance


Right or left tray direction

Multiple pattern memory

The Compact Panner can memorize up to four panning patterns, allowing for a simple production changeover with a single switch.

Panning pattern example
Fully adjustable panning

With the easy-to-use operations panel, various options like panning belt speed, panning mode and panning position (with an adjustment timer) can be handled.


Dimensions European Model

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Tray Size580~800 mm X 400~600 mm
Panner Work (Max)480 times / h