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Rheon, a Japan-based corporation, is the leading manufacturer of automated food processing machinery.

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Confectionery & Pastry

Producing confectionery and desserts from all over the world.

Confectionery is very popular with children and adults for snacks and desserts. Rheon machinery serves you a world of delicious foods, producing anything from traditional ethnic confectionery to new products with their distinctive flavors.

Savory & Prepared Foods

Producing traditional foods from all international cuisines.

Rheon machinery can act as a “food designer”, producing a variety of world delicious savory prepared foods. It can process a wide range of food materials such as meat, fish, rice, potatoes and many more. Various models are available for your required product size, production amount and production space.

Bread & Fermented Dough

Producing various breads from a multitude of food cultures.

Rheon delivers automated food engineering solutions for a huge variety of bread and fermented dough products. From bakery items such as bread rolls, baguettes or croissants to ethnic food like Chinese steamed meat buns and other dough-based foods like pizza or yeast raised dough products.

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